No one heals from MDT alone

Be Ready, Willing & Able to Receive Support

Shook, angry and afraid, I prayed to the Holy Spirit to intuitively guide me to health, happiness and wholeness from the ashes of what was left of my life. In the beginning, nothing I tried worked. Running on fumes, I totally fell apart--including my relationship with mother. I had no money, no clients and was no longer willing, able or available to play the high stakes emotional game required to have what I called a relationship with mama, so the most primary human bond I had was--for all intents and purposes-- gone too. What I did have was a wise, loving and supportive man in my life, and the 49-card oracle deck Great Mother, That Still Small Voice, The Comforter--my intuition--downloaded through me and to heal myself and others.

Why Acknowledging MDT is TABOO

Hello Sisters & Brothers,

Welcome to the official hub for The Mama Drama Trauma© Readers' Workshop an 8-lecture course is included with your deck purchase.

Great Mother, mother of all Mothers, lovingly teaches us:

  • We are not pitied or seen as victims but as divine beings
  • We experience MDT to evolve in self love and spiritual independence
  • We would not have MDT if we did not have the capacity to heal it in ourselves and others.

This is opposite of the shame, blame and guilt that perpetuates MDT. In fact, this mantra is the premise of the deck and must be practiced to receive the clarity, balance and confirmation is promises:

"I AM a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned or left alone."

Whether you are new to the deck, learning what it is about, or attending to refresh and expand your knowledge of it, this is where you will get the most out of your MDT Healing Oracle Deck experience.

Take a moment to enroll and check out what we will be covering. Post a question, comment, experience, insight, victories, challenges and tips. Return for supplemental course material messages, readings and group dialogue about healing from the affects of MDT. 

Step into your divinity identity with the clarity, balance and confirmation you need to live in loving detachment from MDT.

The Mama Problem

MDT is a cycle, so if you have it, its likely mama most has it too, It goes like this:

Mama is not the mother we want. We want the one who loves, nurtures and supports us the way we want it to be mama, but it is not. Whether mama abandons or abuses us as Mother Earth, Motherland or Birth Mother, the disconnect we feel from Great Mother energies disconnects us from ourselves.

The Drama Problem

This conflict is a Soul Contract. Two souls who love each other dearly agree to incarnate with the mother-child bond. Through this indestructible connection we agree to evolve in self love and spiritual independence through the experience of unmet needs.

Working with The Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck gives you the messages you need at the exact time to overcome difficulties, adapt and release blocks to your experience of health, happiness and wholeness.

The Trauma Problem

A social, environmental and, or emotional event causing soul dissociation.

This has engendered a culture of acceptable self hate in which we all project unhealed aspects of ourselves onto others just like mama.

You can break this vicious cycle with a daily let go practice and help others--who are willing, ready and able--do the same.

Daily Let Go Practice

Grieving the mother we want in order to accept the one we have is the hardest, and most rewarding thing we will ever do. It frees us and mama in the process.

Letting go of the drama we endured through mindless shame, blame and guilt allows us to focus our attention on happiness, health and wholeness, our natural state of being.

Releasing the trauma of abandonment and abuse rewires the brain and reroutes our entire emotional neuronetwork day-by-day and reading by reading.

MDT mind renewal is about having a willingness to release MDT denial, negative self talk and guilt for the joyful and satisfying life you deserve! Breaking the cycle is not for the faint of heart which is why we must be ready to give ourselves the time and space we need in the the way we need it to process where we are and where want to go. Life beyond MDT is greater than anything we can ever imagine before it, so expand your ability to receive all the blessings of your divine birthright to fully experience it.

Readers' Guidebook PDF included