"Knowing how to work with this deck has reintroduced me to my divine self. I had no idea how much I've been healing all along and what power I had to heal completely until I got specific tools to do it."

- Cynthia Stewart, Newark NJ

Hi, I’m Tammy Taylor

Inventor & Inner Work Life Coach

After healing my own Mama Drama Trauma, it was a natural progression to pay it forward by helping others do the same. Leveraging my natural teaching talent with the gift of guidance learned through intuitive insight, I asked Great Mother for a tool for my clients to use between sessions to develop their own intuition more clearly as well. This healing oracle is the result. A step-by-step transformative tool, it has helped to heal dozens of people from the affects of Mama Drama Trauma.

MDT Academy Enrollment Comes With Your Deck

Welcome! I am so glad you decided to join us. Here, is everything you need to do your own healing readings. As the deck's creator, I have used it to heal myself and dozens of others in my work as an inner work life coach specializing in MDT. In this course you will get the clarity, balance and confirmation you need to clearly read into situations and how you are feeling about it. With MDT, it is difficult to distinguish between our feelings and our mothers, so allow the colors, symbols, stories and messages from you readings to gently guide you to them so you can break the cycle, and release shame, blame and guilt reclaim your birthright to be happy, healthy and whole.

All you have to do is show up ready, willing and able to use the MDT Healing Oracle Deck any and every time you need it.

What You Will Learn:

  • All 36 MDT triggers and how to diffuse shame, blame and guilt

  • How to work with the deck's moon phases

  • How to work with chakra symbols 

  • Deck suits, spreads and how to interpret messages within the context of Divinity Identity

  • How to find emotional balance in any moment through the deck's yin yang god/dess archetypes

  • What and how to work with your moon sign to define and maintain healthy boundaries through your moon sign

  • What divinity identity is and how to claim it

  • How to know when you are healed from Mama Drama Trauma (MDT)


Before we can heal, we have to acknowledge we have Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) is a condition in which a mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her child causing emotional and, or physical trauma. If mama is unwilling, unable or unavailable to heal her own MDT, because it is a cycle, loving detachment is required for us to live a healthy, happy and whole life.

The first three suites of the deck: Acknowledge, Self Inquiry and Processing address this.


Once you get started, the easiest thing to do after acknowledging it is the realization, MDT is no one's fault. It is a cycle of abandonment and abuse from millennia of masculine imbalance in our culture, society, economy and family structure. While imbalance and rebalance is the natural flow of life cycles, being ignorant of this flow and how these cycles work creates suffering.

The fourth suite: Integrity heals deep heart pain arising from unnatural imbalance.


Great Mother, The Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit, Cosmic Womb, The Void, Gravitational Center, and intuition inspires us to aspire to live our birthright as dearly loved divine children of the Great Mother Father God. To confirm clarity and balance is received in each reading, our mantra is: I AM

a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned

or left alone.

The fifth and sixth suites: Resurrection and Emancipation complete the deck spelling